• Subject : Invitation to the God’s blessings ceremony and pray to heal from diseases with believe in God at ISOPTIK located in AIA CAPITAL CENTER on Thursday 4, December 2014 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

    Dear Our Valued Customer,

    ISOPTIK kindly invite you to the God’s blessings ceremony and pray to heal from diseases with believe in the opportunity of open a new store location.

    The ceremony will be held on Thursday
    4th December 2014 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at AIA CAPITAL CENTER building located on 2nd floor, Room 208 Ratchadapisek Road next to Chinese Embassy 30 meters near The Securities Exchange of Thailand ( SET ) building which is under construction and 50 meters from MRT Thailand Cultural Centre Station

    The ceremony will be held by Instructor Shee Kungseng, the Pastor and Living Streams Church Team with full options stage come with the mass media such as television, newspapers, online media to announce to the public.

    For more detailed information, please visit

    Latitude 13.763814
    Longtitude 100.568293

    For reservations
    Mr. Somboon Numtipjuntacharern ( Bobi )
    Director of ISOPTIK
    Hotline : +66 81-538-4200
    LINE ID : masterbobi

    God gave me a brilliant intelligent ability since I was 7 years old in the ways of making the best glasses in the world. Every day I pray to the God for the gift of innovative, development, the best methods of the eye examination and how to making the Hi-End glasses in the world as a today technology as can be. Our customer will receive a clear vision in every sight less than a second like a youth. Effort, Creativity, Intelligence are gathered in order to make every single detail of each eyeglasses to have the best visions in every sight in the Hi-End level and will maintain it as long as it can be.

    Every day, Master Bobi and his teams will gather to pray to the God for the gift to our customer whom wears our glasses in anywhere and anytime and to nearby people.

    The 8 years ISOPTIK’s accomplishments are the most detailed eye examinations in the world that will lead our customer to have the Hi-End vision. The ones whom wear our eyeglasses will have more power, working smarter, reduce fatigue and enjoy life more than before.

    Recent day, Master Bobi and his teams are gathered to pray to the God for the gift to our teams can develop a quality of making the better glasses with unstoppable forces because we believe that “Life is Beautiful & Sight is Life” and ”Life is Too Short to Limit Your Vision”

    Economy in this year is worse than last year half by half because the ones who have a high purchasing power are carefully keeping their pocket since the future is not stable lead to lesser demands and next year trends tend to have a bad condition more than last year.

    But the God is not abandon us yet, he help ISOPTIK to growth better in this bad economy conditions and continue to increasing our sale volume every year. Now we have our brand loyalty customer whom can order the eyeglasses from one hundred thousand baht to 1 million baht in volumes which lead our team to have a difficult time to make glasses in time. Most of our brand loyalty customer has to wait more than 2 months in order to receive a highest quality glasses which made to order and unique for each customer. With the prayer from Master Bobi and his team, the blessing from God will flow to our customer to have a brilliant profit in the bad economy trends conditions like ISOPTIK because “Only Believe”

    ISOPTIK had moved from Erawan Bangkok building at Ratchaprasong intersection to AIA CAPITAL CENTER Building close to Chinese Embassy on Ratchadapisek Road because of the effect from Ratchaprasong district which will be the center of Political Gathering that will take place more than couple of months when it is happened.

    5 Years from now on, AIA Capital Center building and nearby neighbor will be the best of the best Hi-End Emporium in Thailand rather than Ratchaprasong’s area.

    Because of where the ISOPTIK are, the God will follow us to where we will be and the God will bless any nearby entrepreneurs covering every managers to reach an unlimited successful.

    May God's blessings surround you and your family abundantly in all the things which you do and in all places which your steps may lead to. May His blessings multiply by several folds, unceasingly overflowing to all people in your life.

    “Only Believe”

    With blessing from God

    Mr. Somboon Numtipjuntacharern ( Bobi )
    Director of ISOPTIK
    Hotline : +66 81-538-4200
    LINE ID : masterbobi

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    89 AIA CAPITAL CENTER building 2nd floor
    Ratchadapisek Rd, Din daeng, Bangkok 10400